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    We want to be your personal workshop

    Our aim

    At PINSPOP our aim is to "offer customized badges and other custom products at a reduced price." In addition, we offer an effective and super fast service with the highest print quality. Today we are the leading company in Europe to manufacture personalized plates, stickers and magnets. Step by step we continue to expand our products and our way of creating them because we want to remain the kings of the badges

    Know us better

    As you've seen, we are not an ordinary websit, we are much more than that. Our aim is simple, we want to be your personal factory dedicated to creating your items and personalized gifts. Pinspop consists of young, fun and dynamic people and our offices are in Extremadura. In 2007 we created Pinspop thanks to our training and our years of experience and ... we have many more years left!

    Contact us

    A fluid and immediate communication with the customer makes everything easier.
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    Monday to Friday:
    10:00 to 14: 00h. and 17:00 to 19: 00h.


    C/ Sol, 34
    06225 Ribera del Fresno (Spain)

    Creative finishes

    Get to know some of our finishes

    Laminated finishes

    In some of our custom products, such as our custom plates or personalized magnets you can choose between different laminated finishes:


    This is the most common and most used finish.
    Laminate and reinforce the print with a glossy protector.


    The matte finish is the most professional and beautiful finish. The printing is protected with a matt protector that eliminates all the gloss of the sheets and achieves a perfect effect.


    If you want your pins to shine brighter than ever this finish is perfect.
    We get the effect of glass and quartz with a 3D appearance of the print.

    Creative Finishes

    In addition to laminated, you can choose between the different finishes we offer. This way you can make even more personal badges, stickers, magnets or keychains:


    This is the basic finish. Offset print on white paper 135gr. using digital printing high quality (2400x2400 dpi).

    Black and White

    We also use offset printing paper and our top quality but we remove the colour.


    This finish is fabulous! We have managed to provide a metallic effect to your designs.
    A spectacular gloss and appearance.


    It is very similar to our metallic finish, but we add a golden touch.


    If you want your pins or your keyrings or your custom magnets to draw some attention ... this is your finish!

    With a rosette

    This type of finish and product is exclusive to PINSPOP.
    We add a translucent film of the colour you need. (Only 25mm badges and magnets)

    Delivery times

    We're the fastest in Europe

    Our companies

    At Pinspop we work with two of the best shipping companies in Spain. Seur and MRW are the companies in charged of delivering our parcels.
    All orders arrive in perfect conitions, but if things go wrong do not worry, we will solve them quickly.

    We care about your parcels and your orders!

    Fast and economical delivery

    Are you in a hurry to receive your parcel? Do not worry, at Pinspop we have a 24 hour Express delivery service (including production). To do so place your order before 13:00h.

    * Check availability.

    In addition, we offer an affordable service. Select the shipping that best suits your needs and do not forget that the delivery days start counting after we receive the payment in our account.

    PSD Templates

    Download the template in PSD format to create your design
    Round 25 mm PSD
    Round 32 mm PSD
    Round 38 mm PSD
    Round 45 mm PSD
    Round 56 mm PSD
    Round 75 mm PSD
    Square 38x38 mm PSD
    Square 60x40 mm PSD
    Oval 65x45 mm PSD
    Mirror 56 mm PSD
    Bottle opener 56 mm PSD
    Mirror 75 mm PSD
    Round 40 mm PSD
    Round 50 mm PSD
    Round 60 mm PSD
    Round 75 mm PSD
    Round 90 mm PSD
    Round 110 mm PSD
    Square 40x40 mm PSD
    Square 55x55 mm PSD
    Square 80x80 mm PSD
    Rectangular 60x40 mm PSD
    Rectangular 70x50 mm PSD
    Rectangular 85x55 mm PSD
    Round 35 mm PSD
    Round 45 mm PSD
    Round 50 mm PSD
    Round 65 mm PSD
    Round 85 mm PSD
    Round 80x55 mm PSD
    Square 46x46 mm PSD
    Square 65x50 mm PSD
    Round 25 mm PSD
    Round 32 mm PSD
    Round 32 mm PSD
    Round 38 mm PSD
    Round 56 mm PSD
    Square 38x38 mm PSD
    Square 60x40 mm PSD
    Round 32 mm PSD
    Round 38 mm PSD
    Round 56 mm PSD
    Square 38x38 mm PSD
    Square 60x40 mm PSD
    Round 30 mm PSD
    Square 30x30 mm PSD
    Rectangular 47x18 mm PSD
    Rectangular 58x22 mm PSD
    Rectangular 60x40 mm PSD
    Rectangular 70x25 mm PSD
    Canvas Print 40x40cm. PSD
    Canvas Print 40x30cm. PSD
    Canvas Print 30x40cm. PSD
    Canvas Print 50x70cm. PSD
    Canvas Print 70x50cm. PSD
    Canvas Print 70x100cm. PSD
    Canvas Print 100x70cm. PSD
    Fabric 28 cm PSD
    Fabric 35 cm PSD
    Custom mugs PSD
    Bag / Cushion A3 PSD
    Bag / Cushion A4 PSD
    21x30cm. A4 PSD
    30x42cm. A3 PSD


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    Card payments are made from our TPV. We will not save any of your data, the whole process is safe and private.

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    10:00 to 14: 00h. and 17:00 to 19: 00h.
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    - Apartado "Registrar"
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    El e-mail facilitado sera objeto de tratamiento por parte de PICAZZO con la finalidad de enviar el boletin de ofertas. Este Boletin tiene caracter exclusivamente informativo. 

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    Recogeremos datos con el fin de gestionar el centro de soporte de PICAZZO y el contacto con el cliente a fin de poder atender su peticion. 

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    • Entidades bancarias para el pago las compras mediante tarjeta. 

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    • A los fabricantes, Servicios tecnicos y/o mayoristas en el caso de garantias o reparaciones. A aquellas empresas transportistas que puedan tener encargado el envio a los clientes de los pedidos correspondientes. Estos destinatarios pueden estar ubicados dentro del territorio español como en fuera del mismo, en funcion del producto y/o servicio adquirido. 

    • En los supuestos legalmente establecidos, como es el caso de las Fuerzas y Cuerpos de Seguridad. 

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    El uso de Mailchimp no es una cesion de datos, sino que los datos solo se usaran por esta plataforma unica y exclusivamente para remitir los boletines y siempre con su consentimiento. 

    PICAZZO asegura la confidencialidad de los datos aportados y garantiza que, en ningun caso, seran cedidos para ningun otro uso sin mediar consentimiento previo y expreso de nuestros clientes. Solo le pediremos aquellos datos necesarios para la prestacion del servicio requerido y unicamente seran empleados para este fin. 

    Derechos de los interesados

    El interesado tiene los siguientes derechos: 

    • Podra solicitar información sobre los datos de caracter personal almacenados que le conciernan (acceso) 

    • Podra solicitar que se corrija la inexactitud de sus datos personales. (rectificacion) 

    • Podra solicitar la eliminacion o limitacion del tratamiento de sus datos personales y (supresion y limitacion) 

    • Tambien podra solicitar que se le pongan a disposicion sus datos personales en un formato estructurado, corriente y de lectura mecanica.(portabilidad) 

    Para ello debera dirigirse por escrito adjuntando una copia del DNI o documento que le identifique, a la direccion Ctra. Badajoz, 177 - Almendralejo 062009 (Badajoz) tambien a traves de nuestro formulario o al correo electronico

    El interesado tambien tiene derecho a presentar una reclamacion ante las autoridades de proteccion de datos (Agencia Española de Proteccion de Datos). No obstante, cualquier cuestion relacionada con los datos le invitamos a contactar con nosotros para solucionarla. 

    Delegado de proteccion de datos

    Hemos designado un delegado de proteccion de datos (DPO) para cualquier cuestion relacionada con sus datos personales. Puede contactar con nosotros a traves de la direccion 

    Calidad de los datos

    Los usuarios deberan garantizar la veracidad, exactitud, autenticidad y vigencia de los datos de caracter personal que les hayan sido recogidos. 

    Proteccion de los menores

    No recogemos datos personales de menores. Es responsabilidad del padre/madre/tutor legal velar por para la privacidad de los menores, haciendo todo lo posible para asegurar que han autorizado la recogida y el uso de los datos personales del menor. 

    Redes Sociales

    A traves de nuestra pagina web puede acceder a las redes sociales Facebook, Twitter o Pinterest de acceso abierto a todos los usuarios. Se trata de sitios web donde el usuario puede registrase y seguirnos gratuitamente. En estas redes sociales los usuarios podran conocer de nuestras actividades, opiniones, acceder a las fotos y videos. Los usuarios de estas redes sociales deben ser conscientes de que este lugar es independiente de la web y esta abierto, es decir, es visible para todos sus usuarios, y las politicas de privacidad a aplicar a estos contenidos son las fijadas por Facebook, Twitter o Youtube. PICAZZO no es titular de las redes sociales.

    Terms of use

    These provisions aim to regulate the use of electronic services selling different goods and services offered by PINSPOP mark used by Picazzo CB, commercial company that operates online from their website ( to facilitate selling products online.

    The clauses are listed below form the framework contract that all users who access the page are required to know and accept. For the purposes only of the present general conditions, the term 'user' includes any Internet user who accesses the website, either directly, either from any other website.

    The services offered by PINSPOP on this website is governed by the conditions contained in this contract. PINSPOP reserves the right to modify, totally or partially, these general conditions to apply the new ones remember from the time of its publication on the age. In any case, these changes will not have retroactive effects on the goods or services previously contracted by users.

    These Terms are binding on both parties and are integral and inseparable part of the sales contract which effectively operates at the time of signing the order at the request of the customer, through the contracting mechanisms will be specified later, all in accordance with the provisions of the article. 1255 of the Civil Code which enshrines the principle of autonomy and agreements between the contracting parties. For all purposes be understood that the user accepts the conditions and rules of use here related pressing the 'OK' button that appears at the bottom of this document.

    To ensure fully the rights of consumers and users of PINSPOP, these General Conditions are established pursuant to the provisions of Spanish law, in particular in the Law 26/84 of June 19 for the Defence of Consumers and Users, Law 7/98 of April 13 of General Conditions of Contract, Law 7/96 of January 15 of the Retail Trade, Civil Code, Directive 2000/31 EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June Law 34/2002 of July 11 of services of the information society and electronic commerce, Law 23/2003 of July 10 of Guarantees in the sale of Consumer Goods and other applicable laws and regulations.


    PINSPOP, established in Ctra. Sevilla, 245. Almendralejo (Badajoz) 06200 registered in the Commercial Register of Badajoz as Picazzo CB CIF E06541429 serves electronics sale online at their website Your contact address is the e-mail

    The address for complaints corresponds to the indicated as registered office of the company.


    The General Conditions governing the procurement of products and services offered by PINSPOP and advertising to your clients / customers, all through its website, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties arising from sales transactions concluded between thereof.


    CLARITY AND TRANSPARENCY IN INFORMATION PINSPOP in compliance with the provisions of art. 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, through its website and these Terms, enables access by electronic means of permanent, easy, direct and free comprehensive information of its name (data tax, registration, address and communications), as well as customer data, exclusive access to it, in the possession of the company.


    The user of the website PINSPOP entitled to free access to public information contained therein, though PINSPOP reserves the right to restrict access to information, promotions and special offers to registered customers.

    Any user who accesses the website PINSPOP entitled to register as a customer, can therefore benefit from the intended Deals collective registered customers if it meets the specific conditions of supply for each product specified.

    The public information contained in the website PINSPOP regarding both the company PINSPOP as brands, products, logos, ... of wholesalers and manufacturers of products and services offered are protected by the laws on intellectual property , so copying, transmission, transfer, sale or use is not authorized by outside advertising purpose of its virtual publication that do not have the express consent of PINSPOP, the product manufacturer or brand owner and logos customer under the terms provided for in section XI on Rights of Intellectual Property.


    The customer / user before formalizing the purchase of any products offered by PINSPOP must register their personal facts and circumstances necessary for the formalization of the purchase agreement (name or company name, ID / character NIF , address, email address, phone / fax).

    To place orders on the website, each client to provide PINSPOP voluntarily and at your own risk their personal data. All personal information provided by customers of any fraudulent or false may be considered as a crime of falsifying business documents.

    PINSPOP can offer the customer a personal registration system through a personalized access code and password to facilitate future customer purchase transactions. In this case, the customer may designate at its discretion the key and the desired password, provided they are available or not assigned to other customers. Through an automated process, PINSPOP, if desired by the customer, will generate the password and password for the client. Keys or passwords immoral, offensive, insulting, discriminatory or contravene the provisions of laws, or those with terms concerning brands, products and names protected by law or otherwise provided on Intellectual Property, Industrial contents will not be admitted to rights to privacy, honor and self-image.

    The client is committed to ensuring the privacy of your own password and password. PINSPOP is exempted from any liability for the misuse or negligence of the customer fulfilling its obligation of confidentiality of their passwords.


    Pricing Policy: PINSPOP at all times reserves the right to unilaterally modify the price of products and services offered through its website. To guarantee customers the certainty and security of the price of their products, this will be the effect on the advertising at the time of the order.

    In the process of electronic purchasing the following steps will be taken according to the options menu recorded on the website of Information about the product offered to the client: technical specifications, description, warranty, manufacturer's mark, photography orientation (if any). The purchased product may suffer, availability of the manufacturer, no substantial changes in the components, features or benefits that form part of the lot, provided they do not pose a demerit of the qualities and services advertised.

    Information about product price: final price information or retail price of the product to purchase, containing therein the final cost to the customer and including VAT, shipping and handling by transport. The final value, therefore, will be communicated to the client in the process of e-procurement before it formalized its acceptance by choosing the 'acceptance of order' menu option opciones.Los possible discounts or promotional gifts will be freely directed to PINSPOP collective office at any time by PINSPOP, or depending on the product offered under existing advertising at all times on your website.

    Acceptance of order: at the time of placing the order, once used the menu option of accepting the order means provided the customer's consent to the validity and effectiveness of the sales contract that binds the parties. PINSPOP stored electronically ordering.

    The commitment of PINSPOP of sale and delivery of the goods offered is subject to stock the advertised product and its availability while stocks last, so PINSPOP in its commitment to quality and customer service, try at all times the products advertised are available. However, in exceptional circumstances interactive multimedia or those which cause to stock the product, the order and the contract between the parties shall be void under this clause, fully restoring the client in case of prepayment the amounts paid by it, without it being necessary for any of the any indemnity for breach of contract, damages or lost profits parts.

    Payment by the client: the following payment systems are established:

    1º.-Prepayment: payment in cash or by bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or full amount for the bank account owned by PINSPOP published on its website; in both prepaid plans specifically mentioning the order number to which the payment relates.

    2º.- COD: the customer made the payment in full in cash upon delivery of the goods at the place designated by the ordering. PINSPOP reserves the domain and retain full ownership of the item until full payment by the customer including errors of the vendor or carrier of the same.


    Orders placed on PINSPOP considering that are customized products can not be returned unless there is an error (such as the size of the sheets), in this case the consignment must be done correctly wrapped by the customer to our facilities within a period of two days from receipt of order.

    In case of return of the order by the courier company for reasons beyond PINSPOP the customer will be responsible for all the extra cats, as the cost of returning the package to the facilities PINSPOP and in case you want to receive the package again the cost of the new delivery address customer.

    For returns of orders or payments made with responsibility other than PINSPOP, for example, payments made in error or orders already paid that are canceled without reason, a charge of 15% will be made on the payment of the total in relation to administrative expenses and bank fees.

    In addition, no order can be canceled once its status has changed to "production".

    Production and shipment

    Production times are up to 3 working days excluding shipping. Production counted from the day when full payment is received. PINSPOP keeps the right to extend production days if necessary.

    Orders that are paid from 13:00 its production run from the next business day. Holidays and Saturdays and Sundays are not counted as days of production, so orders placed on Friday will be put into production the following Monday if not festive.

    In the event of delay in excess of 20 days upon receipt of the product within fixed to the checkout approximate delivery, and provided that this delay is attributable to PINSPOP, the customer, upon written complaint (letter, fax or e- mail) may unilaterally cancel the order, paying him the amounts paid in case of prepayment.

    Place and manner of delivery: The order will be delivered to the address designated at the time of recruitment by the customer. The subsequent modification of the place of delivery requested by the customer may generate additional costs on the sale price that will be at the expense of the buyer. The goods were delivered by customer transport company, with delivery note in which information identifying the customer is entered, the order, the reimbursement (for the request in the form of cash on delivery only) and the number of packages in the envío.La goods are covered at all times against transport risks, loss and manipulation.For verifying the customer at the time of delivery errors in the goods received or that it is visibly damaged, must state the circumstances in the delivery note and inform these PINSPOP made within 24 hours in writing (e-mail to by customer service posted on its website or the registered office of the company. In any case the customer must verify that the goods have been delivered in perfect condition. Later claims to 24 hours after delivery can not be accepted. The merchandise that has not been delivered within seven working days from the outlet thereof facilities PINSPOP for reasons not attributable to the seller will be returned to it, restituting the amounts paid if orders prepay.

    PINSPOP servirá sus productos ofrecidos en la página Web únicamente a Península. Pedidos fuera de dichas zonas no podrán ser atendidos...


    The guarantee of the products sold by PINSPOP is provided and set under the rules contained in the Law 23/2003 of July 10 of Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods legal framework that aims to facilitate the various consumer options for remedies when the goods acquired is not in conformity with the contract, giving you the option of requiring repair or replacement of the goods, unless this is impossible or disproportionate. When the repair or replacement is not possible or are disproportionate, the consumer may claim a price reduction or termination of the contract.
    In case of lack of conformity of the product within two years it recognizes from the time of delivery to the purchaser may exercise their rights, however, only within 6 months of delivery is presumed that the lack in accordance existed at the time of delivery, corresponding to the buyer prove, in the remaining 18 months (ie, from the seventh to the end of two years) was not as good, all in accordance with Article 9 and following of the Act.

    Commercial Warranty: manufacturers can provide additional guarantees, the extent and duration differ between products and brands. Such collateral will be exclusively borne by the manufacturer which obliges them.

    Under this law, the seller must deliver to the consumer which are in conformity with the contract of sale on the terms that the law establishes (Art. 1), whereas these goods as 'tangible personal property for consumption private' (Art. 1).

    Therefore, as required by Article 4 of the law on the liability of the seller and purchaser's rights. The seller liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity which exists at the time of delivery of the goods in terms of this law gives the consumer the right to either repair, a replacement, a price reduction and termination.

    In any case, must match the serial number of the product to be repaired with files owned by PINSPOP

    PINSPOP not be responsible for any damages resulting from misuse, unprofessional handling or installation, or malfunction short circuit. The warranty is void if factors outside the normal use of the product, such as increases or decreases stress, use of improper accessories or prohibited by the manufacturers, falls, water, fire or incorrect or improper handling by the customer or by unauthorized third persons by manufacturers.

    In the case of the guarantee of our personalized products, we inform that the customer has a guarantee period and of review of the state of the product of 5 working days maximum. After this period PINSPOP will understand that the product has already been reviewed and accepted by the client.

    The computation of the warranty shall begin on the day of delivery.

    To regulate aspects of the commercial guarantee not covered by this Act 23/2003 shall apply in Law 7/1996 of 15 January, of the Retail Trade regime.

    If repairs of products, we recommend that the customer contact only authorized service center (recognized and licensed by the manufacturer).

    For more information see our Terms and Conditions.

    Notwithstanding the above described scheme sanitation and even if full compliance of the good, the customer may cancel your order and return it within seven working days such as indicated under 'Our customer service'.


    In the case of acceptance of the repetition of a product to arrive or be in poor condition PINSPOP may require the customer to destroy the product in poor condition and the verification via email through images that prove such destruction. When the customer refuses to send these tests, PINSPOP can directly cancel said guarantee of repetition.


    Confidentiality and security of customer data in accordance with the provisions of current Spanish legislation on protection of datos.No dissemination, transmission or publication of customer data without your express consent.
    No receive promotional or marketing emails if any rechazado.Consultar, modify and delete customer data held by the database PINSPOP on request, all as provided in the section on Data Protection personal.

    Free access to the open sections of the website PINSPOP know at all times the Status of the order placed.

    PINSPOP not be responsible for refunds on products handled by the client, or those goods that are returned incomplete both in its main elements as accessories. There shall be no right of withdrawal beyond the indicated or on products subject to market fluctuations not controlled by PINSPOP or on perishable objects, objects that can be easily reproduced with immediate or which by their nature can not be returned character term. Nor shall the withdrawal of goods or orders that may be considered for their special characteristics as that requested by the client.

    Professionals: are not considered consumers and users who without becoming final recipients acquire, store, use or consume goods or services, in order to integrate them into processes of production, processing, marketing or provision to third parties, which do not benefit from the rights granted to consumers.

    In cases of excessive use of the property is not to accept such return. A product that has been used and / or handled loses value in the market, still in perfect condition, so its value can not refund the original purchase.

    Value of the refund to be applied according to the state of the product:

    The return of the following products shall in no possible moment:

    • All kinds of software and games for consoles, memories, pay DTT, hard drives with Seal / Damaged packaging
    • All kinds of products related to personal care, health and hygiene
    • All types of laptops and desktops that is not returned in the same condition of delivery. This implies that the system must be restored according to the partitions and original programs.
    • All kinds of products that require a fixed installation professional and have been installed after purchase (hoods, ovens, Car-HiFi)


    Keep your personal keys with due diligencia.Utilizar information published by PINSPOP exclusively by the client strictly within the pretendida.No personal business relationship reproduce, sell or dispose of the information published by PINSPOP in its content without express permission of the own faithfully compañía.Utilizar shopping service provided by PINSPOP on your website and refrain from manipulating the contents of its website, or interfere in their computing means by virus or other conduct prohibited by law. Respect the purchase agreement once I accepted the request with the timely payment of the agreed price.

    OTHER: The customer must always send your design or art graphic with a minimum of 5mm. Bleeding or space for proper printing and very preferably, using templates adjustment would be necessary. Otherwise PINSPOP adapt graphic art in its sole discretion or need.


    Retain, modify or suspend the website without prior notice. Modify the price of tenders. Refuse orders due to unavailability or default cliente.Rechazar incorrect orders or formats válidos.Modificar documentation, if necessary, the graphic art sent by the client to correct reproducción.Rechazar access to tools clients for breach of these conditions. Receive the amount of customer purchases transacción.Reservarse accepted domain and retain full ownership of the item until full payment by the customer.


    The rights to the intellectual property (including and without limitation: brands, logos, texts, photographs, icons, images, ... as well as graphic design, source code and other software elements contained in the page web '') are owned by PINSPOP (Picazzo CB) or wholesale companies and manufacturers of products and services offered. therefore are subject to rights of intellectual property and protected by Spanish and international legislation.

    Without the prior written PINSPOP reliable form of authorization or, where appropriate, the wholesaler or manufacturer of the product rights holder, you may not use, copy, distribute, reproduce, transmit, manipulate, and any use in excess of a normal and necessary for the visit of the page and use the services offered use.

    Access to services provided does not represent by PINSPOP waiver, transfer or total or partial transfer of rights arising from intellectual and industrial property, or assigning rights to use, modify, use, reproduction, distribution or public communication of these contents without the express prior written consent of the respective owners of such rights, without prejudice to the right to view and obtain a private backup of such content, provided that such right is exercised according to the principles of good faith and always to stay unchanged intellectual property of the owner of such rights, not used for commercial purposes and for personal user information.

    The liability for the use of protected property rights of third parties intellectual contained here illegally or who violate morality, honor or privacy materials, rests solely with the user, in any case exempting any PINSPOP liability arising from such conduct.


    PINSPOP not be liable for interruptions that occur in electrical or telecommunications services that prevent users from using the services offered.


    The information received by PINSPOP through its website will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. PINSPOP at all times observe the existing provisions on data protection, in particular, Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, and take the necessary measures, in relation to such data, prevent its alteration, loss and unauthorized access and for their employees to observe these requirements and the duty of confidentiality on the data object of protection and other obligations of confidentiality regulations. It also undertakes not to use the personal data of users of the page to others for the purpose of hiring the services provided by different purposes.

    According to the legislation, PINSPOP collects data of a personal nature of its customers and includes them in a file that holds and which treatment is exclusively intended for the purpose of managing the requested orders to the Company and answer queries that users can make. The responsible entity is PINSPOP files.

    The user must provide personal facts and circumstances necessary to be a registered customer of the Company and formalization of contracts of sale (name or company name, DNI / NIF, address, email address, phone / fax) . The registration of these data is mandatory; complementation lack thereof by the user or providing incorrect data impossible for PINSPOP from managing orders placed.

    PINSPOP request additional personal information for statistical purposes to let you know the user's profile. The user can ignore or fail to communicate any data or personal circumstance that is not absolutely necessary for a customer account or execution of the purchase. PINSPOP may use third-party advertising companies to place ads on your website. These companies may use cookies or other instruments to measure the effectiveness of their advertising.

    The data may be used by PINSPOP to send the user information about offers and advertisements to the email address or information provided personnel, to which the client expressly consents; however, the client may choose at any time to reject sending such information by sending an e-mail to in this regard.

    Likewise, the client consents to PINSPOP submit such data to companies or banks for transport management and collection of the order. PINSPOP may also perform other data communications provided by law.

    Data collected by PINSPOP may be processed and stored in Spain, Germany or any other country in which facilities. Likewise, you may conduct international transfers of data to non-EU members, for which the client expressly consents, all in accordance with the provisions of the law countries.

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