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Custom Pin Badges


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Custom Pin Badges
Custom Pin BadgesCustom Pin BadgesCustom Pin BadgesCustom Pin BadgesCustom Pin BadgesCustom Pin Badges

Here at Pinspop, we are specialists in manufacturing and printing badges. With high possibilities for personalisation and plenty of options for finishings, plastic coatings and covers, our badges are printed in high definition, almost photographic, on 100% recycled paper and both the front and back parts are made of metal, which makes them more resistant and last longer.

A classic promo and merchandising product for businesses that want to raise awareness of their brand or product, a fantastic way of generating customer loyalty. This includes your logo or corporate information, you new product or promotion, or just a simple way of saying thank you to share out among your customers.

Also, they are a means for raising funds, which are ideal for non-profit organisations, theatre or carnival groups, music bands, etc. that you can us to bring in income for a small initial investment. Create your design with the cover art from you album, the cancer ribbon, a phrase or slogan indicating your cause, with the image of your carnival group, etc., and promote yourself at a low price.

What’s more, at Pinspop we make badges for all kind of events: Badges for weddings, badges for stag and hen parties, badges for first communions, badges for parties, badges for festivals, badges for baptisms, etc. Give your guests or participants a gift and make your special day a day to remember.


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Give your badges a more original flair and turn them into mirrors, bottle openers or key rings, etc. Your customers won’t be able stop wearing them all the time!

PERSONALISED BADGES WITH BOTTLE OPENER: At Pinspop we can turn your badges into handy bottle openers which are perfect as a promotional gift or a souvenir for any event:

  • Custom Pin BadgesBottle Opener with Key Ring Round badge with a high quality image on the front part and a metal bottle opener on the back with key ring and chain so that you customers can use it for their keys and always have your business’s corporate information to hand. Create customer loyalty while promoting your business! It is also a creative gift as a souvenir for any event that you hold. Print an original design on them, the date of the event, a photo, etc. and your guests will have a nice souvenir of your special day.
  • Custom Pin BadgesBottle Opener with Magnet: Round badge with a high quality image on the front part and a metal bottle opener on the back with a strong high-quality magnet on the back so that your customers can put it on their fridges. The perfect gift for any type of event, but also for fast service businesses for which people have to book such as restaurants, hair salons, insurance companies, clinics, etc. Print your phone number and your logo on them so that they will always have them to hand.

PERSONALISED BADGES WITH MIRROR: Add a mirror to the back of your badges and turn them into a product that everyone needs in their bag, glove compartment or wash bag to give you publicity every time they take it out and use them. This is the product of choice for clothing stores, beauty salons, hair salons, pharmacies, accessory shops, etc. and also a frequent gift for weddings, first communions, baby showers, anniversaries of bars and restaurants, etc. A top GIFT!


Choose the shape and size of the badge you want and do something different:

  • Custom Pin BadgesRound: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 45mm, 56mm y 75mm.
  • Custom Pin BadgesSquare: 37x37mm.
  • Custom Pin BadgesRectangular: 60x40mm.
  • Custom Pin BadgesOval: 60x40mm.
  • Custom Pin BadgesWith mirror: 56mm and 75mm.
  • Custom Pin BadgesWith bottle opener: 56mm.


At Pinspop you can personalise your badges with finishing and plastic coatings that will give your designs a lot more personality and power:


  • Custom Pin BadgesColour: High-quality (near photographic) printing to make your badges more intense.
  • Custom Pin BadgesBlack and White: If you want your badges to be elegant, this is the finishing for you?
  • Custom Pin BadgesFluorescent: Make your badges stand out by choosing out yellow, orange, pink or green fluorescent finishings.
  • Custom Pin BadgesGolden: We print your design on gold-coloured metal badges (where there is a blank part the gold will show through).
  • Custom Pin BadgesMetallic: We print your design on silver-coloured metal badges ((where there is a blank part the silver will show through).


  • Custom Pin BadgesShine: This type of plastic coating will give you the shine you need.
  • Custom Pin BadgesMatte: We get rid of the shine from your badge to give it a little extra sophistication (colour printing on a white background). One of the most original finishings!
  • Custom Pin BadgesGlass: One of the most original plastic coatings that we have at Pinspop. You can certain areas of your badges an iridescent effect which will give them a different and fun flair.
  • Custom Pin BadgesHigh-Quality Shine: Make the colours in your design more intense by printing your badges on the extra-shiny plastic coating.


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